Written by Sam Skinner on January 4, 2024

MCI Guitorgan B300 / B35 Schematics

The Guitorgan is a hybrid guitar and organ synthesizer that contains circuits closely resembling 1970s combo organs. It was invented by Bob Murrell who would dismantle import guitars from Japan and install the organ guts inside the body cavities. The secret behind the instrument is its unique segmented frets that allow each fretted note to trigger the correct keyer on the organ. This allowed the player to get both organ guitar sounds at the same time with little change in playing style. It could also be used as a regular guitar or just an organ. To save on weight, the power supply for the organ was housed in an included expression pedal that the guitar would connect to.

B300 / B35 Schematic Diagrams

Article written by Sam Skinner

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