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Vox Continental V301J (UK)
Vox Continental V301J (UK) 
Vox Jaguar V304 Early Model
Vox Jaguar V304 E/2 
Vox Jaguar V304 E/2
Farfisa Fast 4
Farfisa Compact Deluxe
Farfisa Compact Deluxe w/ Perc
Farfisa Mini Compact V1 - Black
Farfisa Mini Compact V1 
Farfisa Professional 222
Farfisa Professional Duo w/ Bass Pedals
Farfisa VIP400
Yamaha YC-20
Howard Combo Organ
Lowrey L-2 Wandering Genie
RMI 300A
"Sam is an incredibly competent technician and very thorough in his work. I had him recently do a full restoration on my Farfisa FAST 5 organ, and it’s playing beautifully now in my studio. Throughout the process he clearly communicated the work needed and the expenses, and answered any questions I had. Super nice guy, fantastic work, highly recommended!"
Bearded Cat Productions
Bearded Cat Productions
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